Chocolate Making

Make your very own chocolate novelty and learn how chocolate evolved and grew in popularity throughout the Victorian era.

Britain is the chocoholic capital of Europe. We chomp and slurp our way through over 660 million kilos of cocoa-based products ever year. That’s more than 11 kilos per head, or the equivalent of about 260 Mars bars! But as we revel in our favourite chocolaty treats, do we ever think about where our chocolate comes from, how it’s made, or how it became such a part of our diet? By the mid-18th century chocolate as a beverage was rivalling that of coffee. The coffee houses of London were doing a roaring trade and its fame was spreading via overland trade routes and our costal river ports including Morwellham. Indeed it is certain that chocolate would have been supplied in the Ship inn and sold in the village shop.

Have fun making your own chocolate lolly and find out more from our video on the history of chocolate.