Morwellham Attractions

At Morwellham you will find plenty to do to keep you and the children entertained and occupied during your visit. We suggest you allow two to four hours, or even the whole day, in order to fully explore this fascinating village.

All the cottages and workshops are open for you to wander through: compare the wealthy Harbour Master’s house to the squalor of the miner’s cottage;  Talk to the Blacksmith about his hot, dirty but vital work at the forge and watch the potter as she throws a pot on her wheel;  Try on costumes and look like a Victorian lady, gent or child.

Join in with the Living History Guides’ hands-on activities, demonstrations and tours which give fascinating insights about the people who lived and worked here. 

Take a trip on the famous mine train into the George & Charlotte copper mine for a fascinating insight into the harsh living and working conditions in the 19th Century.

Escape the hustle and bustle of 21st century life as you wander through this enchanting village and the countryside beyond. Relax, recharge and refresh in the Ship Inn; our shop is stocked with a wide range of gifts including iron work and pottery made on site.